Volunteer Resource Materials

  • Volunteer Training Guide: for a program overview and learn how to navigate the site.
  • Hurricane Florence Resources: Attorney training resources and information/resources to include in your response to Hurricane Florence-related questions. 
  • Resource Manual for Pro Bono Volunteers: Legal information on Benefits, Consumer Law, Criminal Law, Education Law, Employment Law, Family Law, Immigration Law, Insurance Law, NC Expunctions, Probate and Estates Law and Tax Law. 


How do I answer a question?
Click on the Home Page, browse the available questions in the queue, click a question, then choose to answer now, answer later (within 3 days), or send it back to the queue! (see: Answer a Legal Question in 10 Steps, Sample Answer)

Can I filter questions by legal category?
Yes! You can sort and filter questions in the queue by the 18 available categories: Family/Divorce/Custody, Housing, Debts & Purchases, Work, Workers Compensation, Wills/Inheritance, Benefits, Health Care, Medicaid/Medicare/Affordable Care Act, Natural Disaster, Personal Injury, Expungement, Special Education, School Discipline, Immigration, Civil/Constitutional Rights, Emancipation & Delinquency, Military/Veteran. (see: Questions & Categories: Sort, Filter, Subscribe!)

Why subscribe to a legal category?
You may wonder why anyone would want to subscribe to a legal category and receive an email everytime a question in that category is asked. Well, aside from the popular legal categories that continuously have an influx of available questions (like Family, Housing, Debts & Purchases, Work, Workers Compensation), the rest of the categories may only have a few questions trickle in each month. FLA volunteers that are interested in a a legal category where questions are generally not common, have found that subscribing to the category helps them know when to sign in to find a question that fits their pro bono interest. (subscribe: here)

What type of questions can I expect?
This is what a typical question on Free Legal Answers would look like:
DEBTS & PURCHASES CATEGORY, Subject: Hospital bills
"I asked the hospital if I could do a payment plan before I gave my credit card and they said okay, but they maxed out my credit card by charging the full amount and now I’m getting a ton of interest charges. What can I do to prove I never agreed to this and they owe me that money back."
ee more: Sample Questions, Sample Family Law Questions)

I don't have access to legal research websites, what can I use to research the answer to a question?
Check out this ABA guide on "How to Conduct Free Legal Research Online" for ways to research answers to legal questions.

What is included in the email volunteers receive?

    The NC Free Legal Answers administrator will send a bimonthly email that will feature a preview of the queue, all-star volunteers, helpful tips and more! 

    Other Resources:

    For pro bono training opportunities and informative resource materials, visit the North Carolina Pro Bono Resource Center.

    Contact the N.C. Free Legal Answers Administrator, Nihad Mansour at freelegalanswers@ncbar.org!